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2010 Talks – The following are conferences and events where I will be talking about my new course Global, but also giving talks on topics such as culture, critical thinking, localising material and world English.

September 16-19 – IATEFL Poland. I will be talking about world accents in the language classroom and Global.

September 27-30 ACPB Teacher Convention in Lima Peru. I will be talking about culture and the world of ELT blogging.

October 28-29 ELTAM Conference Macedonia. I will be talking about culture and global accents in language teaching.

November 13 ACEIA Conference Seville – I will be doing a workshop on using video in different ways (including my famous subtitled films!) and on using global accents in the language classroom.

November 25 Stuttgart Germany – I will be talking about the philosophy behind Global and doing a workshop on using video in new and different ways.

November 26 Paris, France TESOL France Convention. I will be talking about using video in new and different ways.

November 28-Dec 1 CULI Conference and Bangkok Thailand. I will be talking about culture, consumerism and critical thinking and launching Global in Thailand.

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  1. I’ve just tagged your blog as a favourite. Congratulations and thank you for the ideas (I might ask the ss to write some compliments to me, just for a change!!! I bet thy wouldn’t know how to start). I’ve found it very different from others. I see you’re coming to BCN in Feb. I sometimes attend APAC conferences so if work (I’m a non-native English teacher at a Secondary School in Vic) doesn’t stop me, I might go to yours.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Monica, and thanks! I used to work in BCN and I know Vic – very nice place. Anyway, enjoy the activities and hope to see you in Barcelona.

  2. Quick question here–the folks at Oxford TEFL tell me the date’s been changed to March 27th. Is that correct?

    • Yikes! You’re right. It’s been updated now thanks.

  3. Lindsay,

    Hello again.

    Glorious blog – picked up a reference to it from Scott on Twitter.

    How can I get my photo on here? Cannot spot that.

    Long may the blog continue.

    Dennis aka Osnacantab (Nesterov), born Dennis Newson, forced to change name by SL.

    • Hi Dennis, thanks for the comment. I think you need to have a wordpress account to have your photo appear, either that or an “open ID” thingy that people get when they create a blog. Not quite sure.

  4. […] updated my Upcoming Talks page, and this fall I’ll be in Romania, Hungary, France and Italy. I’m sure at least […]

  5. Hello,

    I am a Romanian teacher of English working in France. I loved your “six things about teaching in Romania” (it’s all so very true!). Hope to see in Paris this fall.

    Best regards,

  6. Hi,
    I really enjoyed your talk today at the IATEFL Conference in Budapest. It was very insightful and intriguing. Although I try to become more and more familiar with the use of Web 2.0, your presentation has opened up a brand new world for me. I have been reading my friends blogs and even commenting on them, but I had no idea there was so much out there form teachers to teachers in the form of a blog. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the comment, and welcome to the blogosphere”

  7. Thanks for your work here in Budapest, the Pecha Kucha night (despite our mispronunciation) was great as was your talk. All the best

  8. Really glad to see that you’re doing so well, Lindsay!

    It’s a shame that we haven’t met since you taught me at Oxford House College back in 2002 but please get in touch if you ever plan to visit Prague again.

    I was impressed by you then, and after looking through your blog I’m even more impressed! Some great stuff here.

    Cheers, Will

  9. Hi Lindsay,

    May I invite you to hold an online pecha kucha
    at a conference on language learning with technology?

    Rgds Heike

  10. Hi again Lindsay,
    Are you by any chance preparing any talks for Switzerland, where I live now? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Vicky
      Not at present, although I may be at the ETAS conference. That has not yet been confirmed, stay tuned!

  11. Hi Lindsay – nice to see you at ETAS this weekend – hope you got home safely (in the blizzards!) Hope we weren’t too loud and cackling!

    I’d actually like to see one of your workshops/talks next time.

    I’ve book marked your blog and look forward to following it

    • Thanks for dropping by Steph, and it was nice to meet you too! ETAS was fun as always. See you online!

  12. I loved your webinar on lists. I’m a list person myself. The only problem is I never get my TO-DO list done or I always go shopping without my grocery list. I love using them in the classroom though, mind maps too!

  13. Hi Lindsay,
    I loved your blog, really inspirational!
    One of our TEFL tutors has just written a free activities book which is aimed at TEFL newcomers. I thought you might like to have a copy to review on your blog, or you’re welcome to use some of the individual lesson plans on your site (so long as they’re credited back to Emma).
    Looking forward to eharing from you

  14. Dear Mr Clandfield,

    I have attended your talk in Prague today and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you.

    Thanks to Mr Matuska and MacMillan for the chance to see your presentation and get a copy of the Global. We are quite likely to use it in our course.

    I have also read The Six Villains… and I ejoyed it.

    As I also teach Spanish I wonder where you are based in Spain.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay in this country and a pleasant journey home.


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