Six Rules of this Blog

OK, I have decided to join the blogosphere. Many people have suggested I do so, and I know several other bloggers in English Language Teaching. So, since I enjoy writing I thought why not? However, I’ve made myself some rules. There are, of course, six of them.

1) This blog will deal with all things relating to English Language Teaching. That means anything that catches my fancy in this field!

2) While this is, in essence, a miscellany of ELT I want to make a good amount of it practical teaching ideas. I want there to be something useful to take away from the site, at least from time to time.

3) I will also use this site to post information about teaching English in the different countries I visit. I will collect this information from the teachers I meet there and my own impressions.

4) There will always be a list of six things in each post. That’s my goal.

5) I will try and update at least once a week (I originally thought once a month, but that’s too little!). More if possible.

6) I will try and keep the entries short! I don’t want people to have to scroll down loads to get the goods.

Phew! That’s my first post. We’ll see how it goes!

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