Six gifts for the language teacher

giftWith the holiday season upon us, I thought I would share six gift ideas for the language teacher. Not sure what to ask for for Christmas? Need to buy something for a fellow teacher? See below.

1) Cool stationery. Things always go missing at school, and what teacher doesn’t like having a fresh set of whiteboard markers, pens and notepaper? Or how about a nicely bound notebook, some colourful post-it notes, some blu tack or a new folder. Or a memory stick to store work on. Price range: CHEAP.

2) A subscription to an English newspaper or magazine. This could be something like the Guardian Weekly, a favourite with lots of teachers, or the Guardian Monthly magazine. It could be a subscription to Time or Newsweek, always useful for planning classes around current news topics. Or it could be a subscription to a teaching magazine or journal, like English Teaching Professional or ELTJ. Price range: MID.

3) Mini speakers for an iPod or MP3 player. More and more teachers have MP3 players, and it’s just too much work to copy a favourite song or podcast to a CD to play on the class CD player. A set of travel speakers, loud enough to be heard in your class, and you’re sorted! Price range: MID to EXPENSIVE.

4) Something to read on the commute (or multiple commutes if you’re a business teacher) to class. Tastes will vary, but the following novels and books deal with language or teaching and are, in my opinion, good choices. A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Loversby Xiaolu Gu, Teacher Man by Frank McCourt, The Language Teacher’s Diaryby Joaquim Appel or anything by David Crystal in the paperback section. Price range: CHEAP.

5) A resource of teaching ideas and interesting stuff… something like The Language Teacher’s Survival Guide? Ok, so that’s a blatant plug but it is cheap and it’s only ONE of the six things! Price range: CHEAP 

6) Money. Language teachers don’t make a lot, and in these tough economic times we can always use more! Of course, it doesn’t have to be cold hard cash. Gift certificates for Amazon, iTunes or some other online shopping would probably be just as welcome.

Right. Those are my six. Any one else have good ideas?

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