Six weeks left…

The end of an era... (by the way, the lack of the apostrophe is NOT my fault, the programme did not let me!)

The title of this post is Six weeks left. Until… what? Christmas? New Year? 2011? Not entirely. Hold onto your cups of tea or coffee dear readers because this is a special announcement…

Six weeks left until the Six Things blog project finishes.

Gasp! Shock! Horror! Yes, you did read correctly, I will be stopping this blog at the end of the year so I thought I’d better give you all a bit of a warning. I fully realise some explanation is in order so here are six things to know about my decision to close up shop.

1 I never intended this to last forever. I guess that’s why I called it a project. I never wanted this to be an endless project. I hadn’t thought about how long really it was to last (six months was too short, six hundred posts felt too long, six years way too long). I’ve been blogging now for two years and I think it’s had a very good run. Time to move on.

2. The blogosphere has grown. When I started blogging it felt a lot emptier out here in cyberspace. I took a look at a few “big” blogs (ones like Kalinago English and TEFLtastic) and started to follow a couple of others. A year later I had to install Google reader to keep track of the thirty plus blogs I subscribe to. It’s getting hard to keep up meaningfully with everyone else while delivering my own posts.

3. I’m tired. During the past two years I’ve been keeping up with this blog while writing almost three levels of  Global (and the teacher’s books), co-writing a book for teachers (Teaching Online), being a series editor for Delta Publishing, going to lots of conferences, keeping up a blog of my travels, teaching online courses, teaching twice a week when I got the chance and trying to be a husband and father. Something has got to give!

4. Better to burn out than fade away. I love the format of my blog, I’ve become really comfortable with it. People refer to me as Six things guy, or Global guy. Maybe that’s a good reason to move on. I’ve had guest posts from many great people in ELT, legends and newcomers. The stats on the blog (number of visits, hits, unique visitors, time on site) have steadily gone up and up.  I passed 210,000 views a little while back, have around 145 posts and over 2000 comments. A far cry from the likes of some of my colleagues (like English Raven and Kalinago English who routinely top the Onestopblogs list and probably leave this one in the dust) but it feels like a lot to me. I’d prefer to stop now than hear one day someone say “What, Six Things? That old blog is still going?!?”

5. I feel like I’ve joined a community. I’ve given talks to teachers in more than five countries encouraging them to read lots of the blogs you can see on my blogroll. I’ve participated in many of the “challenges” (vale la pena, whiteboard challenge etc) I’ve met people via this blog who I then had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face. I’ve had a great laugh at some of the discussions that happened here. I had a lot of help at the beginning from people like Karenne Sylvester and Alex Case and was happy to help others (like Carol Read and Scott Thornbury) when they started their blogs. This has made my own work much more meaningful to me, and really given me a new lease on my writing and teaching career. Thank you!

6. I’m closing the blog, not my internet connection. While this blog project will be stopping (as well as Dispatches, the Global blog), I will still be out there reading and commenting on other blogs and sending out tweets of all sorts. I aim to stay connected to the community. I’m going to take a bit of an extended break, but I already have some pretty exciting ideas of what I want to do next in terms of blogging and other online stuff. And who knows, in a few years time I might start all over again with a blog called Six More Things!

So, there you have it. We’re into the final stretch here. I’ve got a couple of guest posts still up my sleeve, and will also be sharing (giving away) some of the favourite activities and lesson ideas I’ve written in other places. From 2011 onwards this site will remain online for people to wander through (like a museum) but will not be regularly updated. Enjoy what’s left while you can! 🙂

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  1. I’ll miss ‘6 Things’, Lindsay: it has been a consistently good read (and often a good laugh) and has set a very high standard of ‘blogology’, for which you should be proud – but I understand your motives. Good luck in your forthcoming ventures.

    • Thanks Scott, it’s been a great time hasn’t it, and an honour to have had you as my first guest blogger. Onwards we go, we’ll see what happens next!

  2. What a shame!

    I’ll miss reading your posts but I know what you mean about things having to give! I also know (being a former Dip student of yours) how much effort you put into everything so I understand that with everything on your plate you’re probably exhausted!

    Thanks for the read…..and good luck with new ventures.


    • Thanks Leahn, and I aim to see you more perhaps on your blog, when my time frees up a bit more!

  3. C´mon Lindsay! If it´s really “Better to burn out than fade away” let´s see what you´ve got left in the final sprint!
    All the best in your future online and offline life,

    • Full engines it is then Guido! I’m working on it, working on it!

  4. Six things I’ll miss about ‘Six Things’

    1. The topics.
    Funny, serious, thought-provoking, engaging.
    Hold on. What’s your day job again?

    2. The responses.
    An eclectic mix, always enjoyable.

    3. The lightness of tone.
    Everybody’s welcome.

    4. The morning routine.
    Breakfast, kids, coffee, read the blogs. OK, I might get to work a little earlier.

    5. Ideas.
    Things to think about. A fresh perspective.

    6. Lindsay’s dimples on his profile pic.
    OK, enough said!

    Thanks Lindsay, and good luck with your future ventures.

    • Thanks very much! Comments like the last one are most welcome of course, but they often have the effect of said person using the same profile photograph for the next twenty years! 🙂

  5. Couldn’t agree with Scott more: Six Things have been a great read from the start. Look forward to ‘Six More Things’ in a few years’ time. PS Apostrophes are overrated 🙂

  6. I’m missing Six Things already, Lindsay though as a teacher I can understand what you’re saying.

    Isn’t there some way we can convince you to keep this going at a more relaxed, erratic, whenever-you-feel-the-urge-to-write a six things post?

    And as far as I can see, there is no shortage of bloggers who would be absolutely chuffed to have their guest posts appear on this great blog! 🙂

    I hate that tombstone you put up! Brrrr….

    Don’t bury that blog. Put it in hibernation or cryostasis for a little while, do!

    And reanimate it whenever you feel like it.

    “Don’t it always seem to go,
    That you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…”


    • Hi there and thanks for the comment Marisa! Like a bad penny, I may come back after some time to this format. The blog will go into hibernation…

  7. Hi,
    This blog was such fun, sorry to hear that it is about to finish.
    I’ll miss it or maybe sombody will manage to change your mind and as Marisa said from time to time we will read great, humorous or serious six things again.

  8. Hi Lindsay

    Your blog was one of the first ELT blogs that I started to read regularly and I’ve always enjoyed the combination of good ideas, lightness of touch, humour, brevity and challenge to think. I’ll miss your posts although at the same time completely understand why you feel it’s time to move on. I’ll also look forward to your new ventures in terms of blogging and other stuff online which I’m sure will be exciting and original – after ‘Six things’ the bar is set high!

    I’d just like to say also that I’ve been ever grateful for your encouragement and practical advice when I was vaguely thinking of starting my own blog – it was key in making me take that leap from tentative idea to reality so a huge ‘thank you’ for all you did to make it happen.

    • Thanks Carol, for the really nice words. I remember our chats about blogging very well, but the credit of your great blog is all down to you. And thanks for being also one of my early guest posters!

  9. Hi Lindsay,
    I’m really going to miss this blog. Your content is always brilliant and I just love the six things concept. I often encourage the ELL bloggers I work with to try writing in this style. I look forward to your next great idea. Thanks for entertaining us for the past couple of years.

    • Thank you Tara, for the comments and visits. It has certainly been fun, and I’m touched that you use it as an example for others!

  10. Awwwwww – I’m so sorry to hear this because I’ve really enjoyed this blog.

    But here are six things I hope you’ll now have more time to enjoy:
    1. new writing projects – looking forward to lots more books
    2. family and loved ones – when it comes down to it, they are mighty important
    3. relaxation – you’ve probably forgotten what this word means but hopefully you’ll figure it out
    4. writing guest posts on other people’s blogs (me, me!!)
    5. meeting up with new friends made through this blog (there’s a guest room in Philly at your disposal)
    6. planning for ‘More six things’ Yay!

  11. I remember meeting you for the first time in Paris and you said to us folks listening, “I have a blog and if anyone knows how to make blogging profitable, let me know.” Lots of people laughed including several bloggers.

    It seems that the profits are not those coins we drop off at the bank but the comments dropped off by the readers. I have really enjoyed your posts and this blog. I wish you success as you burn these last six moments. Send me an email when you launch your next big 6 adventure.

    • Very true, Kenny. I remember that conference well. And my stopping has nothing to do with financial reasons, I think your comment about comments is apt in that respect!

  12. Hi Lindsay,
    There are very few blogs that manage to be funny and insightful, interesting and relaxing, but this is definitely among the best of them. And because you manage to garner interest from all sides of the ELTverse, it truly feels like one of the focuses of the online community – like a virtual pub. Coming from an Englishman, there is no higher praise than ‘pub’, so, with due thanks, I’ll leave it there!

    • Cheers Tony, that’s high praise indeed. Means a lot. I like the idea of people saying to their spouses “I’m just going down to Six Things for a quick one”! 🙂

  13. All the best for your future endeavours, Lindsay. Thanks for a consistently entertaining read.

  14. Will miss 6 Things Lindsay but nothing wrong with a happy ending :-)) Enjoy your new projects and the best of luck.

  15. Oh noes! 😦

  16. A pity because I am a regular reader of this blog. I’ll be sad to see it die 😦

  17. Wow! It’s a shame to see this blog come to an end. This blog is usually the first one I come to when I start looking at ELT blogs. I’ve really enjoyed reading the fascinating posts (as well as contributing a couple of times). Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing your new projects.

  18. What on earth am I going to do with my spare 6 minutes now?

    Though sixthings will be sorely missed, I quite understand your reasons. To be honest, I never knew how you had time to do it in the first place!

    Best of luck with next year’s projects

  19. Are you familiar with Stephen King’s book, “Misery”? I’d be careful if I were you, Clandfield. You have a lot of Number One fans…

    Actually, I’ll be equally sad to see this blog murdered. It’s a great concept and one which we’re all insanely jealous about. I hope your return to this world is soon in coming and much heralded. For now, enjoy the rest (and be warned: as a “good” husband and father, I have to get up at 5am to get my blog-reading and writing in!

    • LOL, thanks Diarmuid. Yes I do know misery, I sometimes wonder if I couldn’t use that kind of motivation to get the next coursebook finished…

      I sympathise with the 5am bit too by the way…

  20. Six Things will be much missed, but I notice that blogging is still one of your plans, so I guess we won’t have to miss you yourself for long. Also, if there are no more posts here at least I know my record for the least comments on a guest piece here will always be safe…

  21. PS

    Wondering what the bang in “going out with a bang” might be. Here’s hoping that it is Six Pieces of Insider ELT Publishing Gossip That You Never Even Suspected

    • Hmmm. So you’re suggesting a bit of wikileaks kind of stuff here Alex. I’ll see about that. Maybe Six Examples of Absolutely Disgraceful Conduct I have Witnessed at ELT Conferences? Why not, while I’m at it? 🙂

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