Six gift ideas and the 2009 recap

Well, it’s that end-of-the-year season finale time, and Six Things is getting ready to close up shop for the holidays. So I thought that the last post of 2009 would be a recap in special form. I’ve noticed that some of my posts have included products or things that readers have commented on favourably. So I thought why not do a recap in the form of gift ideas for the language teacher and devoted reader of this blog? Here goes…

1. A Flip Mino Camera. Lots of love and nice comments about this little device after I posted six activities with camcorders. It is really a neat gadget too, and cheap as far as camcorders go.

2. A book for teachers. I love books, and I’ve had some great responses and feedback on posts about books that could revolutionize the way we think about ELT, books about critical ways of looking at images, about dialogues or about words you never knew existed. That last book actually takes first place as an ideal stocking stuffer!

3. A special unique boxset of the Grapevine videos in DVD format. People seem to LOVE these videos, just see the comments here, and our VCRs are breaking down. A 25 anniversary (or however old it is) boxset of all the Dennis Cook episodes on DVD would be very welcome. They could even include a special extra new Christmas Special episode! Now that would be fun.

4. A new moleskin notebook. On my six favourite items of stationery this ranked as a big fave. Cheap, small, perfect for the stocking.

5. A Teacher’s Calendar. No, I don’t mean a real calendar full of half-naked photos of the Sexiest Men in ELT, but something different. The Teacher’s Calendar is a book that comes out every year from American publishers McGraw Hill. It’s a day-by-day almanac of historic events, holidays, famous birthdays and lots of interesting teaching ideas. THIS is the place I go to first for my monthly topical teaching ideas. There, now you have one of my little secrets! Worth every penny.

6. An extra two hours every day. This would be a gift of time to read all the great new blogs that have come out in our profession over the past six months. I’m having trouble, serious trouble, keeping up with all of them. I have been adding them to my blogroll though and try to keep on top of it. But it’s hard!

Ha! I bet you thought I was going to mention Global, didn’t you? No, that will have to be for next year’s list as it won’t be out until after January first! So you’ll just have to wait. Besides, I’ve written enough about it on thisĀ  blog. But in the meantime just put any or all of the above on your wish list and have a happy, safe and fun holiday!

Six Things will return in January.

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