Six “hidden gems”(?) on this blog

Hello everyone!

I have never been one to turn down an opportunity for an easy blog post, and I’m a sucker for blog memes. So  I’ve decided to meet the challenge thrown down by Jason Renshaw (the English Raven himself) and show you some hidden gems here on Six Things (he suggested this idea, and shared his own gems, at this post). I think that Darren Elliot of Lives of Teachers made a similar suggestion a while back. Anyway, if you’re a regular reader you may remember some of these, but if you’re a more recent visitor to this blog then these are some fun little posts that you probably have missed!

My regular blogging will resume very shortly. Meanwhile, this should tide over anyone needing a six things fix! 🙂

1 Six famous writers who used to be language teachers If you’re working on the next great novel then don’t give up hope. These six people all escaped ELT to untold riches and fame!

2 Six wildly popular lists in English language teaching. The list of lists. How many can you guess?

3 Six bits of Latin that make your English look smart . This IS a hidden gem, judging from the few hits it got. But reading it will make you sound so much more sophisticated!

4 Six very original what if questions. Tired of talking about lotteries and winning a million dollars in your conditional classes? Here are half a dozen great alternatives.

5. Six highly provocative quotes in ELT. Seeking a topic for an MA thesis? Seek no further! Any one of these would serve as a great starting point…

6. Six drinks for an English Teacher’s New Year’s party I still dream one day that someone will tell me they actually held an English teacher party with some of these drinks. How sad is that?!?

I think of them as hidden gems, but of course you may have your own favourites (or simply think these aren’t really that good!). Leave a comment if you feel inclined…

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  1. Hi Lindsay,

    Have been waiting to read this post ever since I read Jason’s. See, since I’ve learned about the edu blogosphere very recently, I’m still trying to catch up (keep up and go back) on the blogs I enjoy reading – present company included :-). And you, as the author of the posts chosing YOUR 6 favorite “6 things” just pretty much guarantees a great read.

    I especially liked the one about the original if-questions and the drinks for an ELT New Year’s.

    Fantastic post – really fun. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi there! Thanks for the comment, and thank you Jason for the idea!

  2. Poignant post. Will read more often!

  3. Very nice gems indeed, Lindsay. Being a regular follower of the blog, I had seen all of these before, but it was nice to go back and take another gander.

    Funny how one reads and responds differently to the same posts after a period of time, isnt it? I particularly liked re-reading (and re-thinking) the *Six Highly Provocative Quotes in ELT* post.

    First time around I think I was most interested in the quote from ST, but this time around I was more intrigued by the David Graddol quote.

    Shows why I think the Hidden Gems theme can be a really fruitful one!

    Cheers Lindsay,

    – J

  4. Fantastic stuff,Lindsay, and more than adequate compensation for a completely new post. I hadn’t read the Six Provacative Quotes post before – the comments are priceless. Thanks.

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