Special announcement – worth taking a look at…

I am making a big exception to the “rule” of this blog to participate in one of the latest ELT blog memes. It’s an initiative called ‘vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog’ which roughly translates into English as ‘it’s worth keeping an eye on this blog’. The chosen blog should copy the image and link back to the blog that gave the blogger the award. I was chosen by fellow bloggers Valentina Dodge and Mike Harrison. The tagged blogger should then choose 10 blogs worth keeping an eye on.

But… TEN blogs? What about my sacred rule of six? Well, there has been a bit of unfortunate bad feelings in the blogosphere recently and so I thought I would spread some goodwill and share some blogs which I keep an eye on. Some of these blogs I have been told I helped to get started, which is really nice to know. So, here they are

1. Emoderation Station – Started by Nicky Hockly of the Consultants-E. Speciality is in online moderation and online methodology. I learned most of what I know about this area from Nicky.

2. Carol Read’s ABC of teaching children – An alphabet of tips, insights and good pedagogy from young learner author and expert Carol Read.

3. l_missbossy’s ELT playground – Another young learner blog, initially I think, but covers many areas and has had some great posts on language learning from different people’s point of view. Written by Anita Kwiatkowska, a Polish woman living in Turkey.

4. onefortywords – I was a fan of Luke Meddings’ writing style from his Guardian days (even if, as a coursebook writer, I did not always agree with the content!) and had the pleasure of working with as series editor on Luke’s book Teaching Unplugged (with Scott Thornbury). I’m glad to see him out here with the same style.

5. DC Blog – By the man himself, David Crystal. Just a joy to read, always full of interesting little comments on English and never afraid to put the die-hard language mavens firmly in their place.

6. ELT Musings and other tidbits – By dear friend Tamas Lorincz. Quite a philosophical blog in a way and certainly worth musing over.

(oooh, this is where is gets hard as I break my rule of SIX… I think these last four are just going to be the names, very brief descriptions and the links… sorry but I can only go so far in breaking my own rules!)

The following four are always ones that I check on regularly. I encourage others to do the same.

7. Digital Play – on video games in the ELT classroom

8. TEFLTastic with Alex Case – if you don’t know this blog already, you should. Tons of stuff here, about everything.

9. An A to Z of ELT – by Scott Thornbury

10. Seth’s Blog – the only one that isn’t ELT. It’s about motivation, persuasion and various things. Interesting and hugely popular in non-teaching circles.

Of course, these are not the only ten I read. Check out the blogroll for others!

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  1. Great list, Lindsay – and I recommend going out and buying a carton of eggs or something to help you get over that rule-of-6 breaking.

    Love most of those blogs already, but looking forward to checking out two I haven’t checked out so far (DC Blog and Digital Play).


    ~ Jason

  2. Thank you for these suggestions. I came across your blog thanks to a RT. I’ll definitely keep an eye on your ‘six’ series.

  3. Thanks for the mention Lindsay (and nice to know that I have at least one reader!). I will be adding the blogs I don’t already follow to my RSS reader. And as soon as I finish my current blog post series on mobile learning (mini plug – fabulous guest post by Neil Ballantyne on apps for the language learning coming next week!), I will do my own 10 recommended blogs…

    Thanks! Nicky

  4. Wow – this time I am honoured.

    Have nothing more to say apart from THANK YOU :)))

  5. Hi Lindsay

    Thank you so much for including my blog in this list – like Anita I feel honoured! I’m also incredibly grateful to you starting me off on this whole thing – you really have been my ‘blogging mentor’ since encouraging me to start at the Romania conference last year – even though I feel I still have so much to learn.

    This initiative of spreading the word about blogs is also great and I’ve already enjoyed discovering the ones I didn’t already know. It’s also very timely being in Portuguese and with the APPI Portugal conference in Guimaraes coming up this weekend! Many thanks again for including me and for all your support.

  6. Hi Lindsay,

    Great list of which I follow many already but I’m going to check out David Crystal’s blog and Nicky Hockly’s.



  7. Great stuff, plus the fact that you didn’t include me means I don’t have to spend time and energy making my own list (I’m not bitter) : )

    • Oh dear. I’m sorry! You are, however, on my blogroll…

      • Very, very much appreciated. The post I’m working on at the moment has, not unpredictably, evolved into a 6 things post. Would you be open to a guest effort?

  8. Always nice to break out of moulds – it can be worth the change of scene and routine even if it’s just the once 😉 Happy to have tagged you and nudged you into thinking in tens for one post. Perhaps the next one should be 12. So make it a dozen eggs too!


  9. Thanks Lindsay. Makes me glad I put in enough effort in my early enthusiastic blogging days to still be mentioned by the next generation… As someone who takes half an hour to choose a cake and then just takes the cheapest, not sure I can narrow my own selection of blogs down that far, but will try my best. Maybe I can narrow it down to 10 Dead TEFL Blogs That are Still Worth a Look, to tie in with my latest blogging enthusiasm.

  10. thanx a lot for your suggestion.it’s really helpful to me:)

  11. Hmm, looks like an idea worth nicking, this blog review lark. Keep an eye on my blog for an ‘alternative’ take on this ‘vale a pena’ stuff…

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