Six anagrams of well-known ELT bloggers

Awhile I ago someone sent me this link to an anagram generator. I’ve been thinking of ways to use it in class, barring simply making interesting anagrams from words or phrases for my learners to solve. Recently I found a whole new fun thing to do, which was put names into the generator and see what I get.

So, here’s a test on six things for you! The following are anagrams of other ELT bloggers out there (they are on my blogroll). I’ve included a little description next to each. Can you identify them?

1 Seller, Hell Try – I met Seller, Hell Try at a conference last year. She’s a great networker, very active on twitter and #edchat and her blog currently features a set of goals. Would I recommend Seller, Hell Try? Hell yes!

2 Obstruct Thorny – Obstruct Thorny does tend to ask questions worthy of his anagram last name, especially about coursebooks and grammar syllabi. However, the quality of his blog entries makes up for the thorniness of some of those questions!

3 A Giddy Uneven -Taking a trip to A Giddy Uneven’s blog about technology matters is not a dizzying experience, it’s a solidly written one. Some of his blog posts are very “even”, as long as you agree with him! 🙂

4 Transversely Keen – Her blog transverses many topics, supposedly about technology and speaking but in reality covers a lot more. Transversely Keen lives up to her last name very well, she’s one of the keenest bloggers out there – I mean that in a good sense.

5 Noel Winks – Noel Winks is a splendid chap and recent addition to the blogosphere  who is making quite an impact despite his modest claims to the contrary. Mr Winks alternately shares stories from his life in the profession with provocative posts about culture, or the things he knows about teaching English.

6 Cease Lax – The Godfather of the ELT (blog) world, Cease Lax has been blogging since before many of the others on this list. Cease Lax has a wry sense of humour, produces far too many free worksheets for his own good and probably had a post like this around 8 months ago. Many of my favourite post ideas were probably done by Cease Lax in the past.

Finally, my name is Clay Landside Find. Creator of what one reader called “a bit of a hodge podge” of this blog, which is also – according to Onestopblogs – probably too wordy. Hopefully there are some good finds in this clay landslide of text though!

Ok, let’s hear it from all the other great bloggers and readers I’ve missed. What does your name give in the anagram generator?

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  1. Chalky Doyen, checking in here. Not very accurate I feel, but possibly a better option than Lacy Dyke Hon

    • LOL! Thanks Chalky, I wish I had included your second option in my six: Lacy Dyke Hon is… well it’s got all kinds of potential.

  2. Brilliant way to start the day, and I think we should all add our own favourite bloggers to this distinguished list.

    My three are all women, and have all started blogging relatively recently.

    (1) Clare Road lives somewhat north west of you, Clay, and (2) Manana Rash, based in Greece, makes sure we all think carefully about issues such as sexism and racism.

    A new kid on the blog, who may not be so well known to your readers is (3) Analog Turnip (aka Orangutan Lip), a teacher based in Vietnam who offers a colourful take on her surroundings, both from a work and social perpective.

    • Oooh yes Clare Road. I know her as Laced Roar as well 🙂 And Manana Rash is a very elegant writer. I shall go and check on Orangutan Lip when I get a moment.

  3. I always find Australian blogger Saner Jaw Nosh to be quite readable

  4. Brilliant,Lindsay! Finding it hard to go back to their real names.


  5. LOL, Lindsay!

    I googled for the anagram generator and found one ( which gave 40164 results for my name… Couldn’t read all of them so I refined the search and just picked a few I thought sounded more… humane: Manila Aura Prude and Aura Maudlin Pare sound like possible names but what about these other combinations?

    Aural Unmade Pair
    Aural Unpaid Mare
    Aural Paid Manure
    Aura Paid Numeral
    Aura Unpaid Realm
    Aura Unpaid Lamer

    Thanks for the laugh, Ken’s right, a lovely way to start the day!

    • An Aural Unmade Pair sounds like one of those fancy pronunciation problems that people like Brita Haycraft used to teach us to use (or to avoid)

  6. Hilarious!

    I disagree with (though I’m thankful to) Chalky, however, as I find that Saner Jaw Nosh quite taxing to read… His brother A Jar Hen Snows is just as bad, though I hear he also goes by the name Shaver Gel Inn.

    Good fun thread – for those “in” the circle, that is. You’ll need some translations here, Lindsay!

  7. Ha!A great end to the week! Fabulous. I wouldn’t mind Ken’s anagram for me but my tailor also called me an orangutan only last week on account of my long arms.

  8. And my favourites: Marry Jeer Hem, Lone Winks, Caddy Annelids Fill, Rob Notch Trusty, Lace Axes!

    Have a great day and a nice weekend!

  9. A rash eh! Pah!! Very inventive and a nice touch for the weekend @lclandfield. Thank ye : )

  10. He’s not a blogger but he’s a great eminence in the world of ELT, and he goes by the following:

    He Rosy Downwind
    Dowdy New Rhinos
    How Windy Snores
    Downer Whiny Sod
    Disown Wordy Hen
    Send Widow Horny

    Who is he?

    • Clue: He goes out with A Barbered Oral Fish (aka A Shabbier Feral Rod).

      • Oh God, biggest laugh I’ve had in ages:

        Send Widow Horny going out with A Shabbier Feral Rod…

        Clandfield’s best blog initiative yet!

  11. Henry Widdowson. What’s my prize – a home cooked Scott meal perchance?

  12. Blimey – Henry Widdowson sends widows horny, does he??? Hold the front page of the EL Gazette!!

    We mustn’t forget the marvellous ground-breaking blogs emanating from Turkey these days: Our Luck Bay and A Kazoo Lugger stand out, and are joined by expat Pole Bossy Slims (‘expat Pole’ is not part of the anagram!)

  13. I am so keen that I didn’t recognize me: I was thinking of Kalinago English so didn’t get it at first while trying to decipher all the names and got them all except for Ms Keen…

    Now, there’s keen for you, eh??? I better go find a life.

    Now don’t tell me you forgot the real oldie in this profession of ours:

    Candy Man Muss

  14. LOL! I went away for 30 minutes and there have been more than 15 comments on this post. Great suggestions everyone, although I’m thinking that Sends Widows Horny wins the top prize so far.
    Jason mentions that I should add translations: if you are reading this and don’t know these people I will post a comment later on explaining. But it provides an interesting way to find out about all these other blogs!

  15. Thanks for the website! I can use it to cheat at Scrabble!


    Alas Polarize

  16. Don’t forget by far and away the richest man in ELT:
    A Van Did Nun

    • I’m sure A Van Did Nun is fairly wealthy, but he can’t shake a stick at the richest solo ELT writer of all time, Dish Crackjar. And if we’re talking about team-writers, then Josh Lizards (Anon) tops that particular list.

  17. Lindsay,

    Can I be ‘idea dung envy’ next time???


  18. And what about the technologists:

    Gyrate Marmot
    Cochlear Lapel
    Macaw Ark Rusher
    Asthma Peer
    Lynch Kick Yo
    Bats Hex Pen
    Seaman Tainted
    Scans Even Vet
    et al


    • Lynch Kick Yo of those really strikes me as a cool name. Seaman Tainted too. And that Gyrate Marmot should not be forgotten… when he launches his own range of Digital Educational Games I think they should feature a little character called Gyrate Marmot.

      Thanks Gavin! Btw, I deliberately avoided Idea Dung Envy but if you wish…

  19. Thanks Lindsay for a great and fun post! I had 2,733 combinations of my name but these are a few of the interesting ones!


    Can Jean Inhibit
    Habit Ninja Nice
    Cabin Heat Jinni

  20. I can’ believe how appropriate mine was.

  21. Colleagues of mine in the ELT Management world:

    Generic Poker Gig
    Their Own (or Writhe On)
    Racy Maneuver Gem
    Leather Use

    (that last one is only barely an anagram, but still a good one)

  22. Hi everyone, this is Ivy Al Rocks!
    Lindsay, I laughed so hard today! What a funny (and very original) post!
    Thanks so much! I really needed that toda.

  23. I meant today!

  24. What about two great storytellers in ELT, Ravioli Micro Run and Twang Whirred.

    Great post Lindsay

    Boring Hub Lick

  25. Last IATEFL president:
    Similar Main Owl

    The current one:
    Phatter Cherub

    and the next one:
    Ace Ribber

  26. Andy,

    Let’s not forget other past presidents:

    Worst Sow Dead
    Had Anus Burns
    Seamen Rolling
    Purged Entry
    Wealthier Nectar
    Handier Lunar Lid
    Did Sly Cravat


    • There’s some great ones there. Susan’s is particularly good/funny/unfortunate (delete as appropriate).

  27. I just did this as a warmer with my students. They loved it but it was almost impossible to bring them back to some serious English. I recommend this activity be used at the end of the class, not the beginning. 😉

    A teacher droning
    Catherine Dorgan

  28. Seller Hell Try here trying like H-E-double hockey sticks to sell ya on these great bloggers:

    A Dramatics Ninnies Sot from Greece who isn’t afraid to spot a ninnie or sot when she sees one, but surely is NOT a ninnie or sot when she presents!

    Nab All Envies aka a zillion other crazy names who did nab all envies with description of riding down paddies in a blue scooter. And we all are a bit envious of how he manages to keep up with his brilliant websites and blog.

    A Mortals Zinc has recently shared his reasons for leaving the UAE.

    Beach Ninja in IT actually lives in IT and knows her way around “IT” as she shows us in her blog, which also describes her beautiful warm bearings in Civitaquana.

    Brain Well definitely makes English language learners’ brains well with her Gapfillers website.

    Enjoys Ole Sun definitely enjoys the sun I’m sure when she gets a moment to spare from keeping up with her blog the PLN Staff Lounge and with the lessons on her site secretly know as Us Loco Seers (this is an anagram of her Twitter name).

    Although not a blogger, Spin An Ear brings music to my ears daily through her Blip FM lyrical spins.

    Noel Winks already mentioned 2 more who I will be visiting soon Our Luck Bay and A Kazoo Lugger.

    I’m forgetting many more but I’ve spent a lot of time on this anagram machine as it is!

  29. Not forgetting these best selling coursebooks:

    The Acne Ring
    Awed Hay
    Dunce Egg Tit
    Elfish Leg In
    Stomach Rice
    Freak Worm

    and our esteemed host’s own

    All Bog

    • …or should that be Bog All?

      • The troublesome Obstruct Thorny strikes again!

        I prefer the chant: Go Ball! And I would like it to go down affectionately in history as Ol’ Bagl.

        As for other great movements, there was Obstruct Thorny’s own attempt of the past decade, modestly entitled

        Me, God.

  30. Just when I thought I could quit because I was becoming a Loco Seer (see last comment)!

    I saw the name of another great She in ELT blogger, An End Gosh No! who continuously provides us with great music lyrics, videos, and podcasts on her Island Weekly blog!

    Plus, Love Thick Lit definitely a great She in ELT blogger having a grand time learning how to Speak American!

    Hip Like Hep is definitely hip in ELT organizing Virtual Round Table conferences and making smart teachers through her various online schools!

    My virtual sis, And Ya I Lay, who like me tweets from her bed at times. I will make sure drops by to see her name but you know her as the creator of #teachertuesday.

    I can’t forget Eeek Did I Jam who does Jam with his Clip Felts video site (yes that’s an anagram)!

  31. This is too addictive for rowds!

    A Macarised Sins Tin Not

  32. Eh eh ! Analog Turnip is so funny! so is obstruct thorny!
    This is a good activity actually, provided the students add a little description of the anagramee, like Lindsay did.

  33. Brain Well! How flattering!! I might want to make this permanent!
    Great fun with this. Just right for a Friday afternoon when one is starting to flag!!

  34. Yank Vies My Beak – yes, he is very envious of my blog and my home city, Istanbul…

    By Moth Wit – is hot on twitter and Detach, loves a hawaian shirt and has just started blogging!

    Cola War Robin – she has a fabulous blog which she never tells anyone about and can always be found in Scone Field…

  35. Help Irk Rip, author of “I Undo Ties” and “Towards Far Right”. Interesting, Help Irk Rip is the only anagram given by the generator for this author’s name.
    Duke Loop Rumor (aka Rumored Look Up) and his Car Fest/Fast Rec.
    Chemical Vein (aka Mechanic Evil)…

    You got us hooked on anagrams here, Lindsay, LOL!

  36. Chemical Vein,

    Tomorrow I am going to see Duke Loop Rumor’s daughter (Ado Rumor Spoor) in a Serape Shake thing.. Dad doing own thing apparently up in Hate Oilskins


    • Hi, Marisa!

      Actually Chemical Vein was not the signature… it was just another anagram of someone also famous in ELT… lol…

  37. […] laughter with some Twitter friends! Today, I shared more laughs on Lindsay Clandfield’s post, Six anagrams of Well-Known ELT bloggers. I definitely had fun spending quite a bit of time making anagrams of some of my friends names! […]

  38. Have you heard the revelations about Marisa C’s favourite textbook writer, trainer and presenter?

    Ha! Drug Hell!

  39. Lindsay, total genius! Shelly, you made my day!

  40. “K” is for… Khan Nets Herpes!

  41. I’m surprised that nobody mentioned Mandy S McAnus.

  42. Had a whale of a time here! Stumbled on the deliciously-titled sixthings while researching anagrams for a Class 5 textbook to teach English to kids in India. Haven’t got a bead on the 6 ELT bloggers (didn’t know they were a tribe!)’out there’ but have you heard of Angular Shakeup, Bronchial Hogs Rush and Barn Push who have been active in these parts? When it comes to Rio Ma(that was easy), my vote goes to Cloze Dictogloss of Alan Maley’s poem ‘Walking Tall.'(First South Asian edition, CUP 2007 – with its snakes and ladders cover)

    • Hi there! Welcome to the tribe lol! I’m checking this message from a hotel so don’t have the resources to research the active ones you mention. I am curious to who Barn Push is though, will have to look into this more…Thanks for dropping by!

  43. Thank you Lindsay. Barn Push teaches applied linguistics at NUS. He was also interviewed by Walking Tall.

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