Six books to look out for in 2010

I made a similar post to this one last year so I am repeating the same idea. Here are six books relating to English language teaching that I have heard about already and are worth looking out for over the next 12 months. Just wave your mouse over the book titles to find out more information about them/the publisher.

Teaching English Grammar – Hurrah! Finally another new book by one of my favourite methodology writers Jim Scrivener. This is the latest in the Macmillan books for teachers series and is due out later this year. Expect a guide that combines grammar explanations as well as lots of creative and very practical ideas. I’m sure this won’t disappoint.

Culture in our Classrooms and Being Creative – OK, again I am cheating a bit by combining but these are the next books in the new popular Delta Development series and will both be released for the IATEFL conference this year (in April). Mario Rinvolucri returns with a new co-author Gill Johnson to examine the issue of culture in language classrooms. Expect lots and lots of nice activities as well as a great overview of culture and language teaching. Being Creative is by new author Chaz Pugliese and contains a great essay about the history and development of creativity in teaching and then more than a hundred very creative, quick and easy little activities for language classrooms.

Intercultural language activities – I have it on very good authority that this is a really good book to look out for. It is the new one in the Cambridge Handbooks for teachers. Intercultural awareness in language classroom is a big issue, especially now as so many classrooms around the world are multicultural. It’s by John Corbett from the University of Glasgow. I will be buying a copy of this at IATEFL this year.

Lifestyle – Vicki Hollett’s new coursebook for business English light. I enjoy Vicki’s blogposts a lot and have also taught with her materials back in the day when I had business English students. This will be one of Longman Pearson’s big titles this year; expect to see presentations and talks about Lifestyle at conferences.

Global – I can’t really NOT mention Global, as this is my big project and it is finally out now. A new adult general English course with a focus on global voices and global English, as well as being the first major coursebook to go 100% celebrity-free. You can find out more about Global here.

Teaching Online – This is going to be a must-have title, especially as the main author is none other than Nicky Hockly of the Consultants-E. Nicky has been teaching online for longer than I care to remember, and she trained me as an online moderator for courses (she has an excellent blog about this here). Expect lots and lots of activities which should prove extremely useful to anyone using a VLE or thinking of teaching online. This book is also from Delta, and in fact I am contributing some activities to it myself!

There are probably more coming out that I have not heard of – it’s entirely possible! If you know of another eagerly anticipated title please post a comment.

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  1. Thanks for the shopping list!

  2. Any freebies for review?

    ; P

    • Quite possibly, but you’d have to check with the publishers on those. I imagine Lifestyle and Global will have plenty of inspection copies available from the local office though. I’ll look into it.

  3. wow. glad i stumbled on this site. loads of useful info. thanks! susie sullivan

  4. Try to find a book on using punctuation.

  5. Yikes – possibly opening the floodgates here Lyndsay to all those authors out there. Since you mention Global, I HAVE TO mention Networking – by Barney Barrett (nocturnal avatar and part-humanoid) and yours truly. Why? Because it really goes beyound ELT into inter-personal skills training and… because the Needs Analysis diagram on which the whole syllabus is based kicks ass. As Bob Geldof may have said, excuse the rude word. Enjoy…after reading it, I can guarantee that your social relationships will reach new and ecstatic heights. Now was THAT ever a recommendation?

    • A recommendation indeed! I had not been aware of Networking that much but it has now zipped onto my radar. Thanks Pete, and thanks for dropping by!

      • Can’t you make that book “Search Inside” on Amazon?
        Not having that option enabled will lose you a deal of custom.

      • We love the MacMillan Telephoning, Presentations, and Emails books and use them in our classes with great success, though I sometimes pick & choose chapters as we all do. Having noticed the new title Networking in the Hueber catalogue 2010 I told my partner & husband we should buy it sometime not knowing it was by you. I just told him (he’s a great fan of yours as you know!) and he says he knows and the book is already on the way. We already have all your other books – sure to love this too.

  6. Thanks Lindsay. The list is really helpful. The new Golobal website looks really good. Look forward to seeing the coursebook!

  7. I hope Teaching English Grammar is a good one, because it seems to be the ONLY new Macmillan Books for Teachers in 2010. In fact, the whole catalogue seems a bit low on new stuff, makes me wonder if they spent the whole budget on the Global marketing campaign! Or the perhaps there is a partner course called Parochial coming out based on a mythical “quaint” view of British life and competition for a certain successful OUP series

    • Hi Alex, you’re absolutely right about there being rather slimmer pickings by way of books for teachers recently. Think this could be a product of the credit crunch, as those books are not well known for being the big money spinners.
      OUP’s resource series, the one edited by Alan Maley, has been stopped now for example.
      As for Global eating the marketing budget, I don’t know about that but I know there is less product out now than usual again due to the times. I was lucky, all things told, that it has come out when it did.
      Parochial was the course I originally wanted to write but as a colonial I didn’t have the right stuff. So I did Global instead. 🙂

  8. Pugliese’s Being Creative sounds like a fascinating book. However, there’s no information about it on the DELTA website. I did find this two part article by the author:

    • Thanks Hall, for these links. Yes, the good folk at DELTA need to update their website – will be done very soon no doubt!

  9. Oh thank you so much for the kind words Lindsay.
    I should explain that I wrote the pre-int level of Lifestyle with Norman Whitby and the intermediate level was written by Margaret O’Keeffe and Iwonna Dubicka.

    Many thanks for this great shopping list and also many congratulations on Global. Hope we get to meet up in our travels.

  10. I’ve just been perusing through the Global website and I must say that I’m very impressed by the beautiful layout and the user-friendly style. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book.

    Thank you for your excellent work.

    • Thanks for the nice comment – very much appreciated!

  11. Hi Lindsay, thanks for mentioning the upcoming Teachng Online book in your must-haves for 2010. I’ll be adding a post to my blog next week with some specific onlne activities for the various stages of an online course ( Some of these will be in the book, but some are activities thought up (and trialled) since finshing the first draft.. Hope those of you involved in online work find it useful (the book and the blog!).

  12. What a surprise – nothing for Young Learners…
    Shame on you Lindsay 😉

    • Gulp… you’re right. However, I will soon have some very good news about this – a new addition to the YL blogosphere is coming from an experienced expert on the subject and it’s going to be very good indeed. Stay tuned!

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