Six blog resolutions

Well, I know I won’t be the only one doing this kind of post but, like New Year’s Resolutions in general, these are more for me than anything else. You know, by writing something down and making it public you feel more bound to do it. And in addition, Karenne Sylvester asked all fellow ELT bloggers what their resolutions were on the BELT Free network.  So without further ado, here are my six blog-related resolutions for 2010.

1. Keep up with the blog. I had thought about making Six Things only last for a year, but I think there is still some life left in this so I resolve to keep up with it for the coming year.

2. Keep up with the other blogs. As many of you have already noticed, the language teaching blogosphere is getting more and more busy. It’s hard to keep up, and I’ve been slipping. My first thing to do is update my Google reader to include all the blogs on my blogroll and delete some of the blogs I originally put on my reader that I don’t look at now. A spring cleaning of sorts.

3. Begin a new blog project. I have often wanted to blog things that weren’t in lists of sixes but my own rules have prevented me from doing so. Either I had to change this blog to something like Six Things and Other Thoughts, or start blogging somewhere else. I have opted for the latter, and will be posting here soon where and what I will be blogging elsewhere on the web very shortly.

4. Stay calm. I posted a short piece on another blog about how I found myself getting very tempted to rant or rage at things I have read or come across on the web and how I notice this medium can make people do that. This year I will breathe out and count to ten before making a blogpost or tweet that might be misconstrued or that I might regret. These could be famous last words, mind.

5. Check my blogposts for errors! Enough said on this, ahem. So embarrassing to have fellow English teachers and authors send me a message pointing out a particularly silly spelling mistake.

6. Find out more about what is going on. This means that I want to keep up with different tools and widgets to make this blog better or more interesting, but also with what is going on with the people I know in the blogosphere or on twitter. For example, I am going to try and follow and join #edchat at least once this year.

There they are. Will anyone join me on any of these resolutions?

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  1. Great to see a new post on Six Things!

    I think #4 is a wise resolution. I do my best to avoid overreacting to things people post on the Internet. When I feel angry or irritated at someone’s response to my message, I just stop posting, so that I don’t type in something I later regret.

    For some insight into why people get into flame wars, I recommend Daniel Goleman’s article, “Flame First, Think Later”, at the New York Times website:

    I learned a fascinating new phrase from this article – orbitofrontal cortex. As in, “Perhaps he just has a damaged orbitofrontal cortex.” (Say it to yourself three times before responding to someone’s obnoxious comments.)

    • Hi Hall, nice to see you back here too. Thanks for the link to the article too!

  2. Good resolutions… I hope Karenne will not make me write some new ones myself just blog related!!

    I enjoyed your post, Lindsay and Hall’s comment is just precious! I will remember this word for future scrabble scrambles!!!

    Looking forward to your new blogging adventure L!!!


  3. We’d love to have you on #Edchat and hopefully the #ELTchat Jason proposed which we’ll get working on soon! I updated my Google Reader too and aspiring to include new blogs and visit those often to encourage the writers to keep reflecting and sharing!

  4. Well, I’ve just started on my first blog as a resolution so I’m taking yours as a bit of newbie advice, lol.

    Thanks for it!

  5. BTW, Lindsay, I got hold of a copy of your ‘Dealing with Difficulties’ book the other day – very good value at less than four quid in sterling equivalent!

    But I noticed it’s the Indian edition, which is not supposed to be on sale outside India and the sub-continent (I know because it states that on the book). Yet I bought it, erm, many hundreds of miles from India! So you might want to let your publishes know … somebody’s up to no good – and it ain’t me this time!

    • Groan… I knew this was happening. Actually, I should order a bunch of copies myself from the same vendor and then resell them on ebay with my signature! Thanks Sandy, will pass it on (not that it will do much good). Happy New Year to you by the way, I am now fully subscribed to your blog on my reader – which I check every morning before email. God help me.

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