Six most frequent words in English

Here they are, according to Wordcount which is based on the British National Corpus.

1. the

2. of

3. and

4. to

5. a

6. in

Does this leave you a little bit…cold? Expecting more? Wondering… so what? Feeling like the most interesting thing in today’s list is the image?

Me too, sometimes. 

Actually, I think that more useful and interesting would be the six most frequent collocations, which I have managed to get a hold of and will post tomorrow. The whole frequency fashion is quite curious actually. I’m also working on a more critical piece about it which I will also post shortly.

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  1. And what about the 6 most frequent lexical words, Lindsay?

    • Yes, that’s better. I’d have to look them up first though. Thanks for the suggestion. Six most frequent collocations coming up soon though, which is more interesting!

  2. […] personally think that this list is much more interesting and potentially useful than the six most frequent words in English. As a materials writer, it makes me think of what to include in low level texts and listening […]

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